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Hillcrest Toastmasters club winners for February 18, 2013.

Sample Toastmaster Scripts and Agendas

When you sign up to be Toastmaster for the first time, it can be daunting. Here are some sample scripts and agendas to get you started. You should plan to bring about 20 copies of the agenda.

During the week before your service as Toastmaster, get the role assigments from the Vice President of Education, and put together the agenda.

  • Send an email to the club with the role assignments, and request that the speakers, Table Topics Master and General Evaluator send you their introductions, and that the Evaluators send their introductions to the General Evaluator
  • As items come in, update the agenda with speech titles and times.
  • As items come in, update your script to include the meeting roles and introductions for speakers, the Table Topics Master and General Evaluator
  • Write out outline transitions in your script.  Each transition should be about one minute.
  • Transition to program team introductions
    • Transition to speaker introductions
    • Transition between speakers
    • Transition before Table Topics Master introduction
    • Transition between Table Topics Master and General Evaluator introduction
    • Transition between General Evaluator and awards


At the Meeting

At the meeting, adjust role assignements for no-shows and make sure to get a picture of the winners at the end of the meeting.

Bruce Moore's Samples

The samples from the July 25, 2016 meeting provide a typical, if abbreviated example of a Toastmaster script.

Agenda from July 25, 2016

Script with introductions from July 25, 2016