Useful Articles

To add the weekly Table Topics, Evaluator, and Best Speaker page, log in to the web site by entering your email address into the log-in box on the lower right side of the home page.

After you log in, additional menu options will appear under the Resources for Toastmasters menu:  New Article and New Event.  Select the New Article menu option and add the article with the title "Weekly Winners - Meeting Date" so that the title is consistent with all of the previous "winner" articles.

To add the photo, use the "Image" button on the bottom of the editor window to upload the image.  Try for an 800x600 image. You can actually cut and paste from Facebook, but the image resides on Facebook, and it doesn't help the Hillcrest web site as much from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint.

If you can, write a little bit about the meeting; from a SEO perspective, 300 words is ideal, but for these articles, 40 is fine.

When you are finished writing, go to the publishing section and put the article in the "Weekly Winners" category--or one of the other categories as appropriate for other articles.

You can leave the Author's Alias blank, or put in whatever alias you want.  You can change this permanently under your user profile.

Under the "Tags" item, please add the tag for "Winners." You can apply multiple tags to an article, but only one category.  Most of the menus are based upon category, while tags are primarily used to handle the "Related Articles" display.

The default access level is "Public" and should not be changed unless your article is intended to appear only for logged in members of Hillcrest Toastmasters.

The metadata section is used by the search engines to help in preparing the "snippet" that is shown directly under the search.  Put something like "The winners for Hillcrest Toastmasters' October 31, 2016 Best Speaker, Best Evaluator and Best Table Topics Speaker were Becky. B., Jim J. and Mark M." For keywords, use "Toastmasters, Hillcrest, weekly, winners" or something else that makes sense.  In all cases, use at least "Hillcrest,Toastmasters" as two separate words.

When you are done, use the Save button at the top of the data entry panel to save and publish.