Useful Articles

The Whole Foods community room where we meet has a video projector with wall outlets at the front of the room and at the back.  There is a power outlet near the A/V outlet in the back, but not the front, and the projector is generally set to use the back outlet as a video source.  The VGA connector on the wall outlet is preferred; as of 1/30/2017, the HDMI cable on the projector is usually disconnected and we don't have a ladder to get to the projector to connect it, though we may be able to fix this in the future.

If you do not have a VGA dongle or port on your computer (most Macbooks do not), make arrangements to get one before your meeting or test the HDMI connection before your speech date comes up.

Turning on the projector usually requires a little patience and a long stick as we do not currently have a remote control.